Hand crafted custom dials

One-of-a kind bespoke dials. Limited only by your imagination.

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A stunning cloisonné enamel dial with finely woven gold and silver foils. It’s the world on your wrist.

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Kingdom Collection

Our new cloisonné dial collection.
As exotic as you are.

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Timeless Timepieces

Welcome to Ematelier. One of the only companies specialized in the limited production of the state of the art mechanical watches with handcrafted enamel dials.

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This Is You Pendant

A handmade enamelled pendant crafted uniquely for you,
incorporating all of your personal details.

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Artisan Watchmaking

The making of Grand Feu enamel miniatures is an art in itself, and considered to be the most rare and desired form of enamel craftsmanship. Most enamelled watches can only be found in museums and private collections, rarely making it to retail. These watches will reward their owner and generations to come. Created by hand and fire, they will remain as beautiful as they were first created, never faded or changed. 

Passion for the Craft

Each dial is a miniature work of fine art painted in enamel, requiring weeks of work by an experienced professional to create a single perfect edition.

By hand and fire, Ématelier timepieces are assembled with only the highest quality Swiss movements, finest diamonds, and European made components. Thanks to our strictly limited volume of production, our expert enamelers, watchmakers, and jewellers attend to the slightest details at every stage of work. The results are timepieces with unique character and enduring beauty.

New & Noteworthy

We are excited to launch our first collection.
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Watch Bands

Customize your timepiece with stylish aligator skin bands that will make sure you’re ready for any occasion.

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