In the realm of timepieces, the initial impression often hinges on the dial — a canvas that conveys much more than just time.

To the discerning eye, the inclusion of a hand-made Grand Feu enamel dial elevates the watch to a symbol of exquisite status and craftsmanship.

2024 Sprezzatura Collection

By Hand and Fire, Individually Unique.

Grand Feu
Enamel Dials

Exquisitely handcrafted, traditionally made, highest quality Grand Feu enamel dials with meticulously fired enamel indices made to your exact specifications.

Bespoke Grand Feu
Enamel Dials

Hand crafted and truly one-of-a kind. Bespoke dials are customized and specially crafted for their owner's existing watch, invigorating it with new life. Monochrome, minature enamel paining, or cloisonné enamel — the posibilites are endless.

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From raw materials to finished dial, follow the journey required to create a single museum-worthy watch dial.

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