The Purest Form of Enamel Art

Ématelier specializes in the production of monochrome Grand Feu Enamel watch dials, engineered to the exact specifications required by major watch manufacturers from around the world.

Dials can be crafted in one or more colours, including advanced technical manufacturing like sunken areas for complications and extremely precise printed enamel indices.

A flawless, uniform surface requires technical mastery, as well as extreme attention to detail. Your precision movement deserves to be mated with perfection.

All of our dials are enamelled by hand. Enamel indices can be precision pad printed with multiple colours.

With repeated firings, our printed indices form an indelible design which will never fade.

Dozens of colour and typeface options are available. Our artists have extensive horological experience and can work with you to bring your unique vision to life.

The following concepts are just a few examples of our capabilities.

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