About us

Welcome to Ématelier—one of the only companies in the world specialized in state of the art mechanical watches with handcrafted enamel dials.

Alex Landa, founder of Ématelier, was first bewitched by watches in the 1970s as a young apprentice in a shop specialized in the repair and restoration of unique timepieces. In the years that followed, as his career turned towards other pursuits, his love for watches only grew. For decades, Alex followed the industry closely and gathered a stunning personal collection, perfecting the art of watch repair and maintenance along the way. Five years ago, equipped with a lifetime of knowledge, he resolved to make a venture of his greatest passion—the manufacturing of watches with enamel dials. This involved traveling around the globe, learning the secrets of the trade from master enamelers, of which there are only a handful. The result is Ématelier—a genuine labour of love.

Each dial is a miniature work of fine art painted in enamel—a craft so rare, its products are hard to find outside museum halls and private collections. When the painting stage is complete, the dial is covered by up to three layers of transparent enamel to protect the finished work. This method, developed in its namesake city, is known as the Geneva technique.

A dial takes anywhere between seven and ten days to produce. Even experienced enamelers, of which there are a mere handful, are not spared from enamel’s temperamental nature. A dial undergoes as many as ten firings in a 800 C kiln, and can warp, burn, or explode at any stage.

The trouble is worth it. Generation to generation, an Ématelier timepiece will be as vivid and beautiful as the day it was made, since a painting wrought in enamel will never fade or change. Time-defying results and the immense precision required for success make enameling among the most prized art forms in the watchmaking world.

By hand and fire, Ématelier timepieces are designed and assembled in Toronto, Canada with only the highest quality Swiss movements, finest diamonds, and European made components. Thanks to our strictly limited volume of production, our expert enamelers, watchmakers, and jewelers attend to the slightest details at every stage of work. The results are timepieces with unique character and enduring beauty.

Discover Ématelier’s inaugural collection, a series of botanically accurate floral pieces designed especially for women.