About Us

The making of Grand Feu enamel dials is an art in and of itself, and is considered to be the most rare and desired form of enamel craftsmanship in watchmaking.

Most watches with enamel dials can only be found in museums and private collections, rarely making it to the retail market.

These watches not only reward their owners, but generations to come. Created by hand and fire, they will remain forever as beautiful as when first created, never fading or changed.

Ematelier is in Toronto, Canada, one the few companies specializing in traditionally hand crafted Grand Feu monochrome and artistic dials.

Alex Landa, founder of Ématelier, discovered his passion for watches in the 1970s, during his formative years as a young apprentice in a specialized shop dedicated to the repair and restoration of unique timepieces. As his career evolved in subsequent years, his love for watches continued to flourish.

Over the span of decades, Alex remained deeply engaged with the horological industry, cultivating a remarkable personal collection and honing his expertise in the industry.

With a lifetime's worth of knowledge at his disposal, he resolved to embark on a journey to transform his greatest passion into a business reality — crafting the highest quality Grand Feu monochrome and artistic enamel dials. This endeavour entailed observing and learning the closely-guarded trade secrets from master enamelers around the globe.

Throughout the years, Ématelier has made substantial investments in proprietary equipment, base metal alloys, and has developed its own enamel formulas. These investments have positioned us to create dials of unparalleled quality.

A significant milestone in our journey has been the assembly of a team of extraordinary individuals with extensive enamel experience from various corners of the world, collectively boasting over a century of combined experience. Our primary focus has revolved around the development of grand feu enamel dials of the utmost caliber, encompassing both simple and sunk designs, while also offering an array of color options for both the dials themselves and their meticulously fired markings.

The ultimate aim of this undertaking is to establish an efficient, scalable, and streamlined process that enables us to cater to watch manufacturers, collectors and enthusiasts.

A particularly distinctive facet of our expertise is the creation of custom artistic dials, meticulously crafted for our customers' specific watches. Within our bespoke collection, you will find exemplars of custom dials created for watches of renowned brands, showcasing Miniature Enamel and Lacquer painting, Cloisonné, Champleve, and other rare enamelling techniques.

Upon the completion of the painting stage, each dial is meticulously protected by multiple layers of transparent enamel — a technique known as the Geneva technique.