Rolex • U.S. Coat of Arms Cloisonné Enamel Dial

This dial was created for a sophisticated Rolex collector, paying homage to the extremely rare Rolex watch (Reference 6085) with Cloisonné dial created in the middle of the last century.

Grand Feu Cloisonné enamel on gold plate surrounded by a gold rim, featuring gold indexes. Mirror polishing. Multiple firings at temperatures around 800°C. Transparent, opaque and opalescent enamels in multiple colours with a 0.07 mm gold wire for partitions.

The dial was fitted into the modern Rolex Datejust 41. The enamel dial was much thicker than the original Rolex dial, so with the help or Rolex certified technician the calendar movement was carefully removed ensuring that, if needed, it could be easily put back (all calendar parts were returned to the owner). The process involved complex engineering to make sure that the new enamel dial perfectly attached to the movement and flawlessly fit into the case.

All dial components and finishings are crafted in house. Casting and machining 18k gold plate, rolling 0.07 mm Cloisonné wire, creation of gold indexes, polishing and assembly.

Polishing was extremely complicated and arduous. On the one hand, you have to create a perfect flat mirror surface and eliminate all imperfections, and on the other, you have to be very careful not to damage the enamel composition. One misstep and the dial must be rejected. Original dial was not polished.

Another big challenge was the creation of the indexes. A proprietary polishing tool was engineered in-house to create gold indexes with sharp, polished angles.

Each dial contains 6.5 grams of 18k gold.