Inspiration: Atlas

Atlas is Ématelier’s first stand-alone feature offering. The timepiece features a cloisonné enamel dial in combination with gold and silver foils. The face of the watch depicts the earth as seen from above.

Cloisonné is the technique of bending fine wire into intricate shapes, forming the outline of a design that is then filled with several layers of vivid enamel paint. Like miniature painting on enamel, cloisonné is a rarefied technique, with deep roots in the ancient world and a small, elite group of skilled modern artisans. Atlas is composed of cloisonné with the addition of delicate gold and silver foil.

Atlas is more than a simple painted rendition of the globe. It features detail that faithfully illustrates geographical characteristics of the earth, like elevation and water depth. In concert with the finely woven cloisonné and gold and silver foils, the enamel painting has visual depth and a unique three-dimensional effect.

By hand and fire, each timepiece is wrought with the finest materials and multiple layers of specially selected enamel paint. Completing a timepiece requires ten firings in an 800 degree Celsius kiln and many hours of labour — a labour of love for the exclusive group of artisans that can boast proficiency in both cloisonné and enamel painting.