Inspiration: Harmony Collection

Enamel painting lies at the juncture of science and fine art, a theme echoed by the botanically accurate floral designs adorning each Ématelier watch. A finished enamel dial is the product of immense technical proficiency married to an artist’s finesse. That is why enamelists, a rare, elite group of artisans, sit near the top of the watchmaker hierarchy.

Ématelier’s inaugural collection is designed specifically for women, featuring ten widely cherished flowers on intricate natural backdrops. By hand and fire, each work of art is conceived in enamel’s characteristically vivid hues. Layer by layer, the dials are painted under a microscope and fired in a kiln at temperatures exceeding 800 degrees Celsius. Each piece undergoes as many as ten successive firings.

Most enamel art can only be seen behind the glass of a display case. Ématelier pieces are thus not only lasting heirlooms but worthy conversation pieces – the products of an extraordinarily rare art form with a history stretching back more than sixty generations.

With fresh designs and a reverence for history, Ématelier proudly continues the tradition.