Inspiration: Kingdom Collection

Rich colour that retains its pigment for millennia is the hallmark of enamel art. What better medium to capture the vibrant resplendency of the animal kingdom than enamel with an accent of gold cloisonné?

Cloisonné is the technique of bending fine wire into intricate shapes, forming the outline of a design that is then filled with several layers of vivid enamel paint. Like miniature painting on enamel, cloisonné is a rarefied technique, with deep roots in the ancient world and a small, elite group of skilled modern artisans.

The Kingdom Collection, Ématelier’s second offering, features five renditions of wild animals — the jaguar, zebra, giraffe, cockatoo, and lovebird. Botanically accurate floral designs surround each beast, echoing the theme of our inaugural collection, which likewise drew on the artistry inherent in the natural world.

By hand and fire, each timepiece is wrought with fine gold wire and up to ten layers of specially selected enamel paint. Completing a timepiece requires multiple firings in an 800 degree Celsius kiln and many hours of labour — a labour of love for the exclusive group of artisans that can boast proficiency in both cloisonné and enamel painting.