This Is You personalized pendant by Ématelier

Handmade uniquely for you, incorporating all of your personal details. Featuring exquisite enameling, precious metals, and gemstones. It is a piece to be cherished and admired, and passed down for generations to come. The world’s most personal jewellery.

Click to configure your pendant Starting at $350 USD

This Is You pendant can be coded with all of your most personal details: zodiac sign, ruling planet, and the time, date, and place of birth.

This Is You pendant is comprised of 36 individual parts and features intricate handmade enamel art on both sides of the rotating central disc. The enamelling process involves multiple firings in a kiln at up to 800°C. This creates a timeless piece that is uniquely durable and will retain its brilliance indefinitely.

This Is You pendant is made of solid cast 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating. There are multiple 18K gold plating options, as well as the choice of natural or simulated diamonds for the constellation pattern on the zodiac side.

Your birthstone can be added to the map side of the central disc, positioned over your place of birth.

Click to configure your pendant Starting at $350 USD

The central disc containing the enamelled zodiac artwork and map can be rotated around the vertical axis, so you can choose which side of your personality is presented to the world.
Every Ématelier product is designed to not only enrich the life of its initial owner, but to be passed down for generations to come.
“When looking for a gift for my wife, my only requirement was that I wanted something truly personal. After carefully choosing her information and deciding on what finishes I want, I received the pendant which my wife haven’t taken off since, and constantly is asked about. The whole experience of choosing the pendent and receiving it was amazing and made my wife excited from the moment she saw the box.”Kevin C. — Atlanta GA

This Is You pendant is 37 mm (1.46") diameter, 5 mm (0.2") thick, and weighs 33 grams (1.2 oz) — about the weight of 4 house keys. It has substance without being too heavy.

The optional 18" 925 sterling silver snake chain perfectly complements your pendant.

Click to configure your pendant Starting at $350 USD

For a striking appearance, you can select contrasting precious metal colors.
With many dimensions of customization, there are near infinite possible combinations of personal details to reflect your unique style and identity.

This Is You pendant is accompanied by a personalized information card, detailing all of its unique features.

Each This Is You pendant will arrive in a beautiful presentation case, specially designed to evoke the uniqueness of the jewellery it contains.

“My sister gave me this pendant for my birthday, and I can truly say that I have never received a more personalized, thoughtful, and beautiful gift. ... A stunning pendant that I can wear and cherish for the rest of my life.”Loren B. — Toronto, Canada
The result makes a wonderful gift for multiple occasions, as well as an interesting conversation piece.Click to configure your pendant Starting at $350 USD