Ématelier Releases Customizable Enamelled Pendant

Ématelier, one of the few companies in the world to specialize in luxury watches with enamelled dials, has established a new division—enamelled jewellery.

Introducing the This Is You pendant, featuring intricate enamel art and extensive customization options.

Customers will be able to encode their unique identity into the design of the pendant by selecting their zodiac sign, ruling planet, and birthstone, as well as their date, time, and place of birth.

This information will be displayed on a double-sided, precision-engineered pendant made exclusively by hand. The place of birth—or another significant location specified by the customer—will be indicated on a map with the individual’s birthstone.

Expert artisans will construct each pendant from 925 rhodium plated sterling silver (33 gr) using the same hot enamel technique applied to Ématelier watch dials.

In addition to personalized information about a customer’s identity, customizable features include multiple 18K gold plating options as well as the ability to choose natural diamonds or Swarovski crystal for the constellation pattern on the pendant’s face.

Customers will also have the option to purchase a chain made from Italian 925 sterling silver to complement the pendant.

With 36 unique parts, the This Is You pendant represents an engineering milestone for Ématelier—the product has gone through more than a year of research, development, and testing. Getting each component to work as part of a harmonious whole, given the number of features available for personalization, was a major part of the design challenge. The result makes a wonderful gift for multiple occasions, as well as an interesting conversation piece.

Like all Ématelier products, the This Is You pendant is uniquely durable—a striking feature of enamel art is its ability to withstand the pressures of light, heat, and time and retain its brilliance indefinitely. Every Ématelier product is designed to not only enrich the life of its initial owner, but to be passed down for generations to come.

Ématelier’s attention to detail extends to its packaging—each pendant will arrive in a beautiful box designed to evoke the uniqueness of what’s inside.