Ématelier's Enamel Dial Watches reviewed on A Blog to Watch

Ématelier is pleased to announce that our inaugural line of watches — The Harmony Collection with hand-pained enamel dials — have been reviewed by author Ariel Adams, the founder of the prestigious watch news and admiration website A Blog to Watch.

From the review:

The detailed work is excellent, and under magnification you can appreciate just how challenging the work of an enamel painter is given the pins and single bristle brushes used to create such artwork. Each individual dial requires in total about 7-10 days of work by a master enameller. Ématelier as a company clearly has both an eye for understanding quality enamel painting work, as well as a passion for the art form to ensure it can offer as good-quality work as possible to its customers.

We invite you to read the full review via this link.