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Top 6 Custom Watch Dials to Suit Any Style

A new article featuring Ématelier's bespoke watch dials has been published buy the London-based watch magazine Oracle Time. “Enamel Dials are, by their very nature, unique. The individual strokes of a hand-painted picture are impossible to replicate, no matter how careful the artisan behind the brush is. However, Toronto-based Ématelier isn’t content in the illusion of uniqueness, and its custom dial offering has created some truly spectacular one-off pieces.”

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Ématelier’s Bespoke Enamel Watch Dial Service

A new article detailing Ématelier's bespoke watch dial service has been posted on the popular watch enthusiast website A Blog to Watch. “Customized pieces introduce new dimensions of complication to the process. Ématelier is committed to faithfully adhering to the client’s vision, which involves careful selection of the right enameling technique — Grand Feu miniature painting, Cloisonné, Champleve etc.”

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Ématelier Refines The Art Of Hand-Painted Enamel Dials And Makes Them Affordable

A new article about Ématelier's inaugural Harmony Collection has been posted on the popular watch enthusiast website A Blog to Watch. "Watches with hand-painted enamel dials are among the most costly items in the watchmaking world, largely thanks to their difficult production. É a new company that’s managed to revamp the manufacturing process and create pieces whose quality is on a par with elite brands at a fraction of the conventional price."

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