Sprezzatura Collection by Ématelier featured on A Blog To Watch

The renowned watch aficionado website A Blog to Watch has posted a new article featuring the 2024 Sprezzatura Collection of watches by Ématelier. From the article:

While plenty of brands describe their dials as enamel, that hardly begins to capture the artistry, craftsmanship, and dedication required to create true Grand Feu enamel. This enameling process, in which each dial is made by hand, follows a meticulous series of production steps, including multiple firings at specific temperatures, constant inspections, and a high rejection rate in the pursuit of perfection. Not surprisingly, it can take years, if not decades, to master the technique. As a result, there are very few enamelers in the world willing and able to create true Grand Feu enamel dials. Ématelier, one of the few masters of Grand Feu enameling, is proud to announce a new collection of watches featuring sunken, double-sunken, and cloisonné Grand Feu enamel dials.

You can read the entire article on A Blog to Watch here.